CEA Nicaragua


Family Program

Addiction affects not only the individual using alcohol and drugs, but also the family members in their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions. CEA’s Family Program is designed to help these family members understand addiction as a disease, the ways in which alcohol and drug use has affected them, the stages of addiction and recovery, and path to their own healing. Family involvement can have a positive and significant effect on the recovery process.

Here at CEA, we offer a Family Program based on the protocol established by the Matrix Model through the family education component. Clients and their families, residential and outpatient, meet weekly. During these group meetings, clients and their families will be exposed to topics such as facts on alcohol, drugs and their effects, important family dynamic issues that can come up during recovery, the stages of addiction and recovery, and information on mutual aid groups that help in family members’ recoveries, such as Al-Anon and other alternatives.

Also, we hold weekly therapy sessions for family members in which only they participate, without the presence of the person with the addiction. These therapies have the objective of providing tools to the family members whether their loved one is in addiction treatment or not. Some of the topics that are covered include codependency, having limits, loving with detachment, self-esteem and assertive communication.