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Treatment services at CEA include an Inpatient Residential Program, an Outpatient Program, an Aftercare Program, and a Family Program. Our services are evidence based treatments with the integration of the Matrix Model, Seeking Safety, and the Twelve Steps as found in mutual help groups.

Initial Evaluation

If you or a loved one believe to have a problem and are looking for help, you can contact us for a confidential and private no obligations assessment.

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Residential Program

CEA’s Residential Program is designed to serve both men and women in a structured, protective, and safe environment.

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Outpatient Program

CEA’s Outpatient Program is designed for men and women for which this level of care is appropriate in regards to their mental and physical condition.

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Aftercare Program

The objective of this program is to provide continuing support for those who are starting a new phase in their lives.

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Family Program

CEA’s Family Program is designed to help these family members understand addiction as a disease, the ways in which alcohol and drug use has affected them, the stages of addiction and recovery, and path to their own healing.

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