CEA Nicaragua


CEA Libre

CEA Libre is an initiative from CEA in which we organize activities for fun and entertainment that do not include alcohol or other drugs. It is directed mainly, and as support, to those who are or have decided to live a life of sobriety and free of drugs.
Activities include group gatherings in which participants attend yoga, surfing tours, join a soccer team, travels to touristic destinations, barbecues, and all types of activities for recreation, enjoyment, and wholesome fun.

CEA Libre was constituted in 2013 and since its creation we have realized many social activities such as the interaction of “100 in a day”, construction of homes for the social program “Techo”, as well as the construction of living quarters for another treatment facility in the city of Masaya.

To be a part of CEA Libre, the only requirement is to have decided to live in sobriety and have the will to share with a group of active and young people, who are dynamic and adventurous. In this section, you can be informed of news and details of events and activities of CEA Libre. Together, we are creating a Nicaragua free of drugs.