CEA Nicaragua


About CEA

We are a not for profit organization that offers evidence based treatments for problems related to alcohol, drugs, and related conditions. Our philosophy focuses on treating each person and its different dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual in order to help the individual and their family get a head start in their journeys of recovery from addiction.

Also, we execute projects for the multiplication of knowledge and skills for addiction professionals, as well as share relevant information with the general public in topics related to addiction, prevention, and treatment.

Mission, Vision, and Values


To help the people, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol, other substances and related conditions to find a path of recovery towards a dignified life.


That all of us through collaboration can overcome and prevent addiction.


  • Respect and dignity
  • Hope and plenitude
  • Excellence and ethics
  • Commitment with continued recovery
  • Commitment with scientific research
  • Commitment with education and prevention

Executive Board

Our Board of Directors consists of individuals that are highly committed to the realization of our Mission and Vision through their dedication and integrity, working in collaboration with the Executive team to insure that high ethical and operational standards are always delivered.

Mario Rappaccioli McGregor President
Juan Manuel Caldera May Vice-President
José David Stadthagen González Secretary
Danilo Lacayo Rappaccioli Treasurer
Jessica Alejandra Espinoza Gutiérrez Board Member
Giselle de los Ángeles González Guardia Board Member